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Steel and Foundry Measuring Sensor Partners

Filtration System Partners


With products of BWF Envirotec and BWF Protec, we are ready to give the best solution to your filtration system


Since 2003, PT. Multi Metalindo Murni is the Sole Agent for BWF Envirotec in Indonesia

Corporate Movie by BWF Envirotec

BWF Group Founded in 1892

BWF Envirotec established in 1968

  • First manufactuer of synthetic needlefelt
  • Sales & manufacturing facilities in Australia, Austria, China, Italy, India and USA.
  • Agents & distributors in more than 50 countries.
  • Certified under Quality Management ISO 9001, TÜV Sud, Energy Management System ISO 50001.

R&D and Services

  • Corporate R&D department in Offingen, Germany.
  • Highly qualified laboratory specialist

PT. Multi Metalindo Murni produce custom designed Filter Bags in Indonesia, helping local industries achieve their goal of emission rate and clean air.

Under BWF Envirotec‘s Filter Bag making standards, supported by precision machineries, PT. Multi Metalindo Murni are able to produce custom made Filter Bags and deliver in short time.

For further information, questions or iqnuiries please contact us directly


Innovative Solutions with Technical Needle Felts

BWF-Protec Founded in 1892

  • Headquarter in Hof-Gattendorf, Germany

Technical Needle Felts from BWF Protec

  • BWF Protec’s technical felts are characterized by their high temperature and chemical resistance as well as their resistance to abrasion and cuts.
  • certified according to ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001 standards.

R&D and Services

  • Corporate R&D department in Offingen, Germany.
  • Highly qualified laboratory specialist

we provide

Airslide Needlefelt is an ideal product for conveying dry powders. Its unique construction with a fine, uniform pore structure, is designed specifically for pneumatic conveying and provides uniform airflow.

Compared to woven fabrics the needlefelt does not need to be stretched for air to pass through it. This increases the life of the needlefelt airslide. Needlefelt seals very good and doesn’t fray. This makes installation easy and saves maintenance time and cost.

Significant lateral rigidity lets needlefelt airslide operate with minimal sag under air pressure. Additionally, this rigidity allows needlefelt airslide to be easily cut into unusual shapes and blends.

Maximum width: 215 cm
Maximum length: 30 m

Fluorescent Powder & UV Lamp

Fluorescent Powder is used to detect cracks, holes and leakages in filter bags.

It is injected into the raw gas stream of the dust collector, with UV-lamp it is then used to inspect and find the weak spots.

PT. Multi Metalindo Murni distributes Fluorescent powder with different colours and UV-lamp, simply contact us for order or further information


Your partner in measurement, monitoring and control of molten metal processes 

Heraeus Electro-Nite

Since 1984, PT. Multi Metalindo Murni is the Sole Agent for Heraeus Elecro-Nite in Indonesia


  • Headquarter: Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium
  • Locations in 25 different countries
  • Distributors in Asia (including Indonesia), South-America, Europe and Oceania

About Heraeus Electro-Nite

  • Market leader since the 1950s
  • Expert in the field of measurement technology, monitoring and control of molten metals
  • Forefront of sensor development, constantly expanding and improving the range of measurements available
  • Sophisticated, reliable and easy to use disposable and non-disposable probles
  • Certified to EN ISO 14001 : 2004 & EN ISO 9001 : 2008

PT. Multi Metalindo Murni supplies a full range of Heraeus Electro-Nite products; from modern instruments to proper accessories.

Backep up by after sales Service by qualified persons makes Heraeus Electro Nite and PT. Multi Metalindo Murni the right choice for Steel and Foundries in Indonesia.

EHP Wägetechnik

Since 2003, PT. Multi Metalindo Murni is the Sole Agent for EHP Wägetechnik in Indonesia


About EHP Wägetechnik

  • Market leader since the 1950s
  • One of the world leader in weighing application for industries
  • Developed the first digital crane scale, providing accurate measurement of weight, even in hostile environments.
  • Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008
  • Member of the German Union of machine and equipment manufacturers (VDMA)

PT. Multi Metalindo Murni is the sole agent of EHP Wägetechnik in Indonesia since 2003. We facilitate KGW; Weighing scales 1 – 100 ton, Large display, Remote Controls.

PT. Multi Metalindo Murni also provides local service and calibration



  • Foundries, charging, blending, weighing hot metal.
  • Reverse weighing for dosing applications of overload protected
  • Weighing of roleld steel, coils, sheet metal
  • Control of goods inward/ outward
  • Test loading and safety tests of e.g. crane equipment

Some words about us

PT. Multi Metalindo Murni is a family owned company, established in 1984 and was founded by late Prof. Dr.Ing. Moeljono.

Since then PT. Multi Metalindo Murni has strived to provide “the right product” to Indonesian customers.

PT. Multi Metalindo Murni is the Sole Agent in Indonesia and representing international manufacturers; Heraeus Electro-Nite, BWF Envirotec, BWF Protec, EHP Wägetechnik – who are world leaders in their respective fields.

With years of knowledge and experience, PT. Multi Metalindo Murni is now one of the top distributor for all of their leading products. Sharing world renowned products and technology to Indonesian customers, to solve their unique problems.

PT. Multi Metalindo Murni contributes to Indonesia by producing and using local contents in their products.